Announcing an adoption is a bit of a tricky thing to do, and we spent a little time brainstorming exactly how we would tell our immediate families, and then our extended families, and then our friends and acquaintances.

For our immediate families, we came up with a fun little game: we made three identical baskets, one each for my parents, Terry’s parents and brother, and my sister. The baskets had six individually wrapped gifts in them, that had really nothing to do with each other.

Wrapped Basket Individual Gifts

After the confusion of the gifts, we then gave them notecards with clues, and they had to match each clue to the right gift.

The Clues


The clues:

  • A perfect blend of dark and light
  • Sometimes sloppy…
  • … but always a cutie.
  • Coming to you from oceans away.
  • Continuing to grow, year after year.
  • The source of many wonderful things.

Can you figure out which clue goes with which gift??

After all of the clue guessing and matching, we finally said, okay, we have one more item that should help you. Each person then received a frame with the following:

Grandma &  Grandpa


Personalized of course, for each set of grandparents, and one for Auntie Jaime and one for Uncle Derek!

Telling Hailey was another trick altogether, until I discovered an absolutely fantastic company that makes dolls from different cultures. Each doll has a character based on a real person, and tells the story of her life and culture. So we bought Hailey Rahel (Rah-heel) from Ethiopia, and she was a huge hit!

We had tons of fun together getting everything ready.

Terry Wrapping Katie Wrapping