We were so excited to share our news with our immediate family members (and of course, with everyone!), but with my parents and my sister living in different cities, it took a little maneuvering to get to tell everyone in person, without anyone accidentally finding out in the meantime!

The first step we took was to figure out a weekend that we were able to switch our plans a little to make the four hour drive to my parents house, and show up unannounced! In conversations with my Mom, I made sure they didn’t have any plans for the evening, and then we headed across the state. When we got to their town, we weren’t exactly sure what to do because we weren’t sure what time my Dad would get home from work; we didn’t want to arrive until they were both there, and we didn’t want to wait too long either that they left the house again. As luck would have it, we stopped at the gas station near their house to freshen up after our drive, and we saw my Dad there!!! Picture the two of us, diving into our car to literally hide from my Dad… We then were able to follow him home, and ring their doorbell just a few minutes later. They were shocked to see us because, living so far away from all of their family, they absolutely never have unexpected guests. It was a fabulous surprise, and we hadn’t even gotten to the good stuff yet!

Mom & Dad 1 Mom & Dad 2 Mom & Dad 3

With the way schedules worked out, we weren’t able to tell my sister until nearly two weeks later (!), so our plan was to wait a little bit before telling Terry’s parents and brother. But, we got too excited, so we went over to their house the same night that we got back from my parents’ house.

Karen 1


Karen 2

And finally, after an excruciating two weeks, we got to tell my sister. She was already coming to our house, so just before we headed out for our evening plans, we surprised her. Following are my absolutely favorite set of photos (that I hope my sister loves me enough to not mind me sharing!!):

Jaime 1 Jaime 2 Jaime 3 Jaime 4 Jaime 5

And last but not least, it just didn’t work out for us to tell our niece in person, so we told her via Skype:

Hailey 1 Hailey 2 Hailey 3

I love the love, fun, and emotion in all of these different photos!