After we were finally able to tell everyone that we wanted to tell in person, we sent out a newsletter to many family and friends with more information about exactly what we are doing and why. In doing some research on the Internet, I realized that people (understandably) have lots of questions about adoption; it’s simply an unknown entity for many, many people. Our goal with the newsletter was to hopefully answer many of the frequent questions right off the bat, and share a bit of what motivated us to take this path.

Initial Newsletter Page 1 Initial Newsletter Page 2

The newsletter went over really, really well, and did exactly what we hoped for ~ it let people know what we were up to and answered lots of their questions, as well as started many great conversations!

Finally, we took to our social media pages, created a Facebook page for our adoption, and announced with a specially designed cover photo:

Adoption Announcement Cover

Yes, there we are, from our first date at 15 and 16, throughout our dating years, to our wedding, and finally to this newest step we’re taking!

And finally, finally, our exciting news was out in the open.