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I am excited and extremely humbled to share an opportunity that has unexpectedly come our way. A friend of mine from church is hosting a Noonday Collection Trunk Show party this week. If you haven’t heard of Noonday Collection, they’re a fantastic company that runs similar to the other house-party models: in-house and book parties to sell various items. What is truly unique about Noonday Collection, however, is that each of their items is a “fair trade” item, which means that it is handcrafted by a woman or women in third world countries or poverty stricken areas here in the US, and that these women are paid fair wages for their work, which is not usually the case in these areas. This setup provides dignity, purpose, and the ability to provide into these women’s lives.Noonday Impact

The exciting part about all of this for us is that as my friend was preparing for her party, she discovered that she could choose to donate 10% of the proceeds from her party to someone who is in the process of adopting, and she has so graciously chosen to honor Terry and I and our adoption process with this incredible gift. 

Noonday Hands

If you have any interest in checking out the Noonday Collection website and their available offerings, you can visit www.brookebarker.noondaycollection.com. They have unique, beautiful items that are great for personal use, or something to consider as the holiday season approaches, and as I said, every purchase helps to provide a fair job and wage opportunity for a woman who has been in crisis. On the website you can also find stories of the actual women who work for Noonday Collection as artisans, and learn more about their personal stories.

Noonday Ethiopia

If you would like to order something, you just need to do a few specific things at checkout to ensure that your order counts toward my friend’s party. First, choose Brooke Barker in the pull-down list for Ambassador, and second, type in Char Schleucher 10.3.13 in the space for trunk show name. Finally, orders can be placed any time starting now and ending no later than Sunday, October 6 in order to count towards this party. Items will ship directly to you, so no need to worry about how you will get your items!

Terry and I, and our somewhere-out-there, so-very-loved babies, thank you more than our words can say.